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Making Seals for Reels

Reel Servicing Maintanence Water Intrusion Corrosion Bearing Corrosion

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#1 Slazmo

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Posted 10 June 2014 - 09:21 PM

Hi Everyone,


So I have been thinking of Seals, all these new 'bling' reels coming to the market with umpteen amounts of seals and bells and whistles eg: Magseal which I am not a fan of in any way shape or form.


At the moment I am making a temporary seal with the grease that I am using, I make a outer layer of grease on the drive gear bearings that face the outer side of the reel and this tends to shield the bearings from water and dust - so far so good!!! Keeping water out for sure and not causing any issues as some may think.


However is there a way or has someone made shields for bearings especially in the drive sides for their reels to keep water out of them?


I am thinking nitrile O rings, Silicone sheeting 1 to 2mm thick cut into shield washers and the like with adaptive contact areas to fend off water intrusion.





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