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Captain Jimmy's Wahoo Bombs.. The Reel Deal

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 07:57 PM

Good afternoon all,

I have not had much chance to finalize the
reports of my last two trips on both the Excel and Royal Polaris.  As I
did not the Wahoo fishing was beyond exceptional as long as you threw
the right gear.... Unless you are crew member Eddie in which case you
could throw a roll of toilet paper and simple lasso the bastards.  Yes,
Eddie probably is that good.  However, for the mere mortals amongst us
the bombs have been the hot ticket.  I am and always have been a Raider
guy when it comes to Wahoo and even Tuna but maaan there is no denying
the amazing results of the Captain Jimmy bombs I started using this
year.  On the Excel in Sept. the Yellow Dorado pattern was hot as a
pistol. Steve was using this thing, along with his Phenix rod/Shimano
Tranx reel and all I could see was a giant Mid West smile on his face
the entire time except when he was worried he did not have enough Capt.
Jimmy bombs left for the next day.  On the R.P. trip in October, once
again the bombs were the hot ticket.  Capt. Jimmy's in the Bloody runner
was off the hook for me.  There is no doubt in my mind pulling these
bombs on a spinner was and is the perfect way to wile away the days. 
Casting is a piece of cake and these spinners have enough speed in the
gearing/retrieve rates to make my life super simple.  Short strokes make
the catching of even the biggest of Hoo a breeze.  With the right
spinner you can also just crank these bad boys in.  No fuss, no muss and
I can cast for weeks on end without tiring out my rapidly aging body.

We also had other bombs doing real well including the Catchy tackle Orange color
bomb and the silver/green Lead master bomb.  No doubt the Raiders are a
hot item as well but I have to say these Capt. Jimmy's are money for
Wahoo.  And maan do I love throwing artificial lures to wahoo.  My
favorite pastime other than fly fishing.

Of note is Jim will be
coming out with some new colors and should have those on his web site in
the next month or so.  Jimmy also makes custom colors for those who
have wished for certain color patterns but no one offered them.  If Jim
has the skirts he should be able to make them for you.  Heck, mix and
match head colors with skirt colors if you feel that is appropriate. 

a note, I straight tied all of my bombs to a very short leader (less
than 1 foot) of 100 and 130 pound mono.  No wire at all though you can
certainly rig these with 7 strand.  I had very few casualties this way
though my leader often came back serrated but I got my junk back
intact.  Heck, sometimes it had a Wahoo still attached. 


Jim is hard at work restocking the shelves as these things are getting
swept away by the dozens as anglers in the know have been getting their
orders in. 
I highly recommend getting a dozen of these things at
the pick six price.  You choose the colors or go with his tried and true
color patterns which can be seen on the web site. 

Best of luck
with the longer range season now in full swing in things are a must for
every angler looking for those prized Wahoo.


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