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#1 fishordie

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 04:15 PM

Good morning all,

It sure feels good to find myself back on the
good ship Royal Polaris.  Every time I board this beautiful grand dam of
the fleet I cannot help but remember her youth with Bill looking down
on the action from his corner perch on the upper deck. Last years Bob
Sand's 14 day with Frank holding court was spectacular.  But this is
today and yesterday is past yet this slightly older version of this
grand gal is still regal and of course Royal in every way, shape and
form.  We have an amazing load of bait, about the size of a small pony,
and so far an amazing group of passengers.  Of course we had the entire
staff of the Royal Polaris helping the anglers aboard and assisting with
stowing their gear.  So far a cake walk not to mention the weather is
beautiful.  We had a great break in the morning with a great Chinese
noodles and chicken dish along with BBQ chicken and beef.  Capt.
Jonathon gave his first seminar as we will be fishing early in the day
tomorrow.  I have to admit, I have not yet rigged up a single rod but I
have had my first Scotch.  My first cigar is not far behind. This means I
have far exceeded my long range goals and it is still early on the
first day.  I guess the next 10 days is just the gravy.  The Bob Sands
Tackle/Royal Polaris 10 day has begun with a bang or maybe it was the
lunch bell.


#2 fishordie

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Posted 29 September 2013 - 09:27 AM



Just a few hours out and we fished blue fin. We caught enough
for a nice Sushi spread. Now it is off to my FAY VOH RITE Wahoo hole.
With us luck. Weather is great so hopefully our luck will carry on.





#3 fishordie

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Posted 02 October 2013 - 03:13 PM

Good evening all,

Another incredible Bob Sands Tackle/Royal Polaris day of adventure has
come and gone. Captain Jonathan brought us to the promised land a
little after lunch and it was off to the races on fantastic grade
Wahoo. I mean these were big suckers breezin the boat and eating jigs
wholesale. Jig strikes were so rapid the trolling teams barely had
time to get their jigs in the water. Bombs and jigs were the ticket
with the best being the Gold/Green and Gold/Pink 150/200 larger size
Raiders along with Bombs in the Pink, Orange, green or pinkish purple
skirts. These Hoo appear even bigger than my last trip or at least
many of them were and many fought like tuna. I believe we will have
several north of 60 Pounds with many in that 35-50 grade. AWESOME.
As usual the losses added up rapidly as I do not doubt we had at least 3
- 4 hundred hooks ups. The crew, of course, did their usual masterful
job of keeping us passengers out of as much self inflicted misery as
possible. These guys are absolutely fantastic.

A huge thank you to all of you.

As for me I had a great day since I only lost one bomb and zero
Raiders. Of course I was fishing 100 pound top shots on my spinners
and man did they perform. No doubt I have a better hook set, though it
appears I will never bat any where close to 1000 or even half that
number on these wily skin. The new Saragosa felt incredibly powerful
and handled these Wahoo like a champ. Of course the Stellas did what
Stellas do and that is perform beautifully. My Blackhole popping rods
are spectacular and the Phenix rods are just off the charts. I feel
like I only need 5 or 6 rigs to fish these 10 day trips though I doubt I
could ever overcome my fear of being Fishing Rig challenged.

I have to warn folks, as I always do, If you are going on these
extended trips and want to fish jigs or bombs for wahoo, which most
folks on this trip are doing since they are so effective, you need to
have a varied inventory as it is only day one and passengers are
begging me to sell them more jigs. One of our sponsors, Rick Ozaki
from Raider jigs, supplied the larger raiders to everyone as give
aways. It did not take long for the passengers to figure out these
things flat out work. The same applied to our bombs supplied by Jim
from Lead master. And of course Captain Jimmy was well represented.
Since this is a Bob Sands Tackle Trip I am selling them at retail
though the way they are working and the high demand for product I
should be able to get 4 X that amount. It is rare to have enough bombs
and jigs around when the Hoo decide to go off. Without acting like a
salesman I just want to remind folks these are expensive jigs and bombs
but well worth the money when the time comes to use them. Some of my
Wahoo jigs I have had for several years but maan when I need them they
are there. Thank goodness.

My coup de gras came when I landed two consecutive Wahoo while smoking a
cigar. At no time did the cigar leave my body nor did it ever go out.
I did land one Hoo while drinking a scotch so at the time that was
where the bar was set but I did have to slide my glass along the rail.
Thank goodness that fish did not do the usual Wahoo blast up the side
but it sure gave a good try.

I do want to note I am fishing very short 100 Pound top-shots and seem
to be getting bit as well as anyone maybe better since I have very
little stretch so the hook has a better chance of sinking home. I have
recovered all but one bomb even though my mono on so many occasions
looked like the serrated edge of a Ginsu knife.

We will give these magnificent Rocks another shot in the morning. The
water was so clear and blue today it was breath taking. Weather had a
nice breeze with sun shine all day. Flat water made it easier to run
up and down the decks. Once again Mother Nature smiled at this angler
along with the 28 other passengers. It does not get a whole bunch
better than this.

Please, if you can, sign up for one of these great longer ranger adventures. They are just so much fun.

In short, we are having a ball. Capt. Jonathan has some amazing plans
for this 10 day charter since the extra couple of days really give us
so many more options. A bunch of the folks on this trip are asking if
Bob Sands Tackle is going to sponsor the trip next year. Time will
tell but certainly look into our 14 day November trip in 2014 right
here aboard the R.P.


#4 fishordie

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Posted 02 October 2013 - 03:14 PM

Good afternoon all,

Another fantastic day at the Rocks which made the term and imbibing of
Scotch/Rocks even better. We hit the magic 3 digit number of 100 very
large and quality Skins just as the bite died down. There are one heck
of a lot of Hoo still remaining at this Mecca of Long Range
Sport-fishing though they may be nursing sore lips. No doubt many of
those marvelous critters used our Mono, flouro and wire as floss just
before they bit us off. This is what makes these fish such a prize. My
next trip I plan on having my degree in Psychology so I can administer
some sort of emotional salve to most all of us who have been on the
wrong end of a bite off, short bite and of course the most damaging
pulled hook just before the gaff was ready to sink in. For me this is

Captain Jonathan just put the Bob Sands Charter on a wide open Dorodo
bite around a floating kelp. Can this trip get any better?? Stay

As a note for those of you going out soon on the longer range, mixed bag
trips, please make sure you stop into a Long Range knowledgeable tackle
shop, such as Bob Sands Tackle in Van Nuys, Ca. to make sure you have
enough of the right jigs and bombs. (I know, an outrageous plug) Almost
every passenger ran out too soon of their favorite colors or did not
bring the right stuff for the hoo. Folks were begging for the right
color and type of artificial lures as we had most of the passengers
throwing lures... Awesome. To those who believe color does not make a
difference I have to humbly or not so humbly disagree. The right color
bombs and Raiders were hard to beat.


#5 fishordie

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Posted 02 October 2013 - 03:16 PM

I arranged our final give-away tonight at dinner. One of our incredibly
generous sponsors and great friend of the shop is Cal from Cal's Two
Speed. Cal's reel modifications, improving free spool, upping the load
your reel drags can handle, etc. and two speeding of single speed reels
are legendary. A reel that has been Cal'd has really been treated to
the ultimate reel spa treatment. Cal gave every Bob Sands Tackle 10
day passenger a 25 dollar off coupon for future Reel Mods. We also had
some Costa Del Mar Sunglasses generously donated by our own Brian
along with a big reel bag with Plano type boxes. As noted previously
each of the passengers will receive their own R.P. Sweat shirts.
Needless to say the passengers are super happy and just as importantly
the food has been of the hook. Lunch was a Cioppino (Fish soup on
steriods) that was out of this world even to a non fish eater like me.
I had three bowls.... Oh my.

We are in new Wahoo water but our Wahoo are being eaten by Dorodo..
Yes, I take poetic license sometimes. Those of you who have been in a
wide open Dorado bite know what I mean. These voracious bastards are
chasing down the boat and we are trying to run away from them. Bullys.
Though the guys are happy yanking and cranking on these DoDo's these
things have become pests.

As of now the pacing of this trip could not be better and the R.P. has 29 very happy passengers.

Just SOP for Bob Sands Tackle and the Royal Polaris.

Weather continues to be perfect. We will continue check out what
appears to be another un-pressured area of wahoo water today. Once
again, no boats anywhere in sight. Waaaay Coool.


#6 fishordie

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 10:45 AM

MO Skin, Mo Skin, Mo Skin....  Yesterday morning was another great skin day along with limit style Dorado off Paddys.  These suckers are big and I mean real big.  I believe we are just a couple shy of 200 skin for the trip.  WOW.  I have been very fortunate in that I caught enough skin early in the trip so that I could pull out every sort of jig imaginable from my box to see how they worked on the Wahoo. I will give that report separately after the trip but I had a blast with my Spinners.  The guys and gals back home at Bob Sands Tackle should be happy as I will be bringing in a bunch of fresh fillets for them. Lots of folks on this trip are asking what spinners they should purchase for their next trip as the ease of use on artificial lures with these things is amazing.  When I decided to button down the drag I could land quality Wahoo in under 30 second with no fuss or muss then get right back out and catch another.
AWESOME!!!!!!  The key is the right gear and right technique. Every trip I go on there are more and more Spinner believers and more folks using artificial lures.   I love it.  

This morning Capt. Jonathan has us set to target Yellowtail.  All the guys are ready to yank and crank..... Ummmm I mean catch some tail.... I mean..... In short, we have 6X Jrs., Heavy Jigs, fly line bait rigs and dropper loops ready to be used on whatever mother Nature and the Royal Polaris crew can muster up for us.  With that combination we should be in for another fantastic day.


#7 Angelo Ruvio

Angelo Ruvio
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Posted 10 October 2013 - 03:19 AM

You should send me some smoked wahoo :) where do I send the check for the shipping and processing lol

#8 fishordie

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 08:59 AM

Angelo,  I will get right on that..... ummm maybe tomorrow.... or the next day... or...... LOL


Will trade wahoo for Stella 18K in perfect condition.  LOL



#9 Kilsong

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Posted 20 October 2013 - 05:46 AM

Great report Jamie,

Your wahoo report  is so great that I get excited while reading. :)

I experimented with short reader line (knot is outside of guides) and the results are very promising. 

I even landed 50kg GT with a very short leader line in Southern Oman. 

#10 fishordie

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 11:10 AM

Hi Kil,


Super easy.  Premade 100 pound top shot with mono inserted into the hollow spectra.  Even though I still use 4 feet of mono inside the spectra I only leave 12 inches of mono sticking out of the spectra.  I loop to loop the main line to the pre made so the connection is 100 percent and almost not noticeable.   I know a lot of folks do not like to have the mono/spectra area inside their tip but I do not really feel or notice much difference..... Yes, there is some difference but it is so minor as to be irrelevant.  The only reason I go 12 inches is so I can re crimp my swivel should I need to cut off some mono when a Wahoo comes and misses the jig then dings up the mono.  By crimping I only need an inch or so of line to create my connection.  Swivel to a split ring and I can be changing jigs, bombs or ?? in just a few seconds using your Texas split ring pliers.  As you know I have been doing this for a decade or so and love the ease of use.  I am getting to the point where the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) Motto really applies.  My biggest decision should be what cigar goes with my Scotch of the day..... LOL



#11 Castmaster

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Posted 29 October 2013 - 11:51 PM

Great report!

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