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testing Black Hole Magic Eye rods for blackfish and cod

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#1 Kilsong

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Posted 06 May 2013 - 12:20 AM

I finally had a chance to test Black Hole Magic Eye rods for blackfish and cod on Sat and Sun.

I am heading down to NJ now and post detailed reports and pictures tomorrow.



#2 Kilsong

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Posted 06 May 2013 - 02:26 PM

Togging on May 4

We fished with Capt Pat out of Newport, RI for two hours.
The original plan was to stay at Castle Hill Inn and fish from the rocks in the property but all rooms were sold out on Sat.
Fortunately Capt Pat found time for us. We tested Blackhole Magic Eye 804 and 632XXH.

Black Hole Magic Eye 804B

We caught many tuna in 50 - 80 lb range with Magic Eye 804 spinning popping rods. When I bent the conventional Magic Eye 804 rods, I thought the rods could be excellent rod for togging as the rod is soft and flexible. It reminds me of Lamiglas blanks which are popular among blackfish fishermen.

At it turned out, the rod performed as I expected. Soft and light tip enabled me to detect any slight nibble by blackfish and the strong backbone of the rod didn't give any chance for blackfish to go into structure. I am now thinking the rod might be good for grouper fishing. I am going to test the rod for groupers in NC and FL soon.
We had video of fighting with the rod, but unfortunately we don't have pictures as we used the same camera Canyon G15.
We'll post the videos soon.

Black Hole Magic Eye632 632XXH conventional

This ultra light rod's spec is same as Magic Eye 571XXH except the rod is longer. The line rating is upto 25 lb.
The rod is good for small inshore fish like fluke, seabass, striped bass, bluefish, red fish,salmon, red snapper or mutton snappper, But after I caught 50 - 60 lb GT in French Polynesia and red grouper in Key West, I am testing it for bigger fish
light rod is no good for blackfish becasue blackfish tries to head for structures when hooked. But after catching blackfish and cod with this rod on this trip, I start to believe the rod can be used for togging in shallowater if fishermen like to use light gear for blackfish as some do.






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