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new jigging rod recommendations

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#1 fishnwrestle

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Posted 28 April 2013 - 10:52 PM

hi guys,
I am starting to look for a new jigging rod to use for NE canyon yellowfin(generally 40-60 lbs, sometimes 80-100lbs), bluefin off LI (up to around 80-120 lbs max but more realistically 40-60 lbers), and AJ down in Wilmington. I currently have a BH 450 but feel its too stiff for the 180-250 gram jigs i find myself using most, and i also think i can get away with a lighter rod for what i am targeting.

What do you guys recommend for this purpose?. i am looking for something around 5'6'' and under $350. factory or custom i don't really care. will be a conventional rod.  I have been told the BH 250 would be a good choice, but want to explore all my options before buying purchasing.


#2 Kilsong

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 10:03 AM

Stiffness of a jigging rods is relative thing. A rod builder even claim that 450g Black Hole Cape Cod Special doesn't have enough backbone.
He must never caught a tuna with a 450g BH rod.

We used to use stiff 8' long rod for tuna jigging. Most guys who used to use such a long rod feel 450g Black Hole jigging rod is not stiff at all.
When you fish inshore for bluefin off NY/NJ, you don't expect to catch bluefin over 100 lb and 450g Black Hole Cape Cod Special could be a overkill.
However, when you fish in Canyon, you never know what you catch with jigging rods. There are big bigeye or bluefin over 200 lb as well as big swordfish.

The use of light jigging rods for tuna depends on tuna sizes as well as experiences of fishermen.
I landed 230 lb bluefin with 200 lb prototype Black Hole Cape Cod Special rod in Cape Cod. My fighting style is different from others. I seldom hold
the rod high and point rod tip toward tuna when it makes run.
Most rods got broken not while fighting tuna, but when they hold rods high when tuna tuna are on the surface. Novice fishermen think fight is over when
they see tuna on the surface not realizing they often dive desperately and their rod position becomes in high sticking position.

I tell others 250g Black Hole rod is for 40 - 80 lb tuna, 350g Black Hole is for 50 - 120 lb and 450g Black Hole is for 100 lb - 200 lb tuna though they
can handle bigger tuna than I suggest.

There are two different style of jigging. One is to move jigs up and down in desirable depth and the other is to crank fast like Japanese style jigging.
I never felt uncomfortable to jig with 200g - 300g jig using 450g Black Hole rod while many say lighter rods give more action.

However, I like to fight with lighter rods because it gives me more fun.
When I jigged for GT in French Polynesia, I started with 450g Black Hole rods, but ended with 80g Black Hole rods.

#3 Guest_Anthony_*

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 11:13 AM

how about the Jigging Master 2010 Ocean God Jigging Rod

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