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(equipment) vertical jigging blue fin tuna

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#1 sampilure

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 05:46 PM


My name is Emanuele, I'm Italian and I love to fish with lures, both salt water and fresh water.

I wanted to ask you experts,

the type of equipment suitable for fishing for blue fin tuna ....
I have already 'an idea of fishing tackle ...

will be 'hard for me to work very heavy jig .... and I thought to start with a rod

black hole cape cod special 250gr spinning .....

-i of my sea tuna have an average size of 35 40 kg on 60-90 mt water .....

being a very strong fish, the rod 250gr can do a good job with these fish???

there 'the 350gr, may be the best choice????
I'll have this 'jig use more' heavy ...

as I thought of a reel Shimano Saragosa 180000.

what do you think?????

I hope I can help in the selection of equipment ....



#2 Kilsong

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 10:49 PM

We seldom use heavier than 300g (10 oz) jigs for tuna because it is harder to fool tuna with big jigs.

we had great run of big bluefin tuna at Bacardi Wreck in 1989.  We used big jigs like Viking jigs or Diamond jigs used for cod believing big bait for big fish. 

However, the trend has been smaller jigs after we discovered smaller jigs in 200g - 300g can induce more hit.  

we cast  jigs upcurrent and work jigs as it sinks. When jigs float away, we reel in and cast again, 

Most fishermen who started tuna jigging recently use Japanese style fast crank/jerk technique, but up and down technique by moving rods up and down in desirable depth still work as well.


Black Hole Cape Cod Special jigging rod is super strong as Nano carbon is used. 

As long as you don't do high sticking, you can land 35 - 40 kg tuna with BH 250g rod without any issue. I observed that many rods get broken when tuna are on the surface and fishermen hold their rods high. When they fail to gaff tuna, tuna make a powerful dive and the rods become high sticking position as they hold rod high and they can not act quickly.  So I suggest to point rod tip toward tuna when tuna are on the surface.


I landed 220 lb bluefin with prototype Black Hole 200g jigging rod in Cape Cod.

As you see in the picture, I usually point rod tip toward tuna. Instead of lifting rod tip, I step backward/forward to gain line. 

If you fight like it, you don't have to worry about breaking a rod even you use a light rod. 




Saragosa 18000 is designed to fish upto about 18 lb drag. If you use drag over 20 lb, the reel eventually gives problem. 

I landed about 20 tuna using 22 - 25 drag before the reel broke down, 

#3 sampilure

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Posted 19 March 2013 - 02:42 PM

thanks for your very comprehensive reply!!

are oriented on the cape cod special 250gr to start ......

for the reel, I see 'what can I be able to buy ......

the only alternative, 'the stella 20000, but the price and' very high .....

thank you again!!!

I hope to start soon!! can not wait!!!

#4 sampilure

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Posted 29 March 2013 - 01:59 PM

I'm undecided on the line to use ... on a 250gr rod,PE4 64lb, and 'enough??

What do you recommend to put??

I might choose one with a PE4 shimano size 8000pg

but if the line 'more' great, I would choose a size 20000 ...

I'm new in the technique ....

tell me your opinion


#5 Kalpitiya

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 04:15 PM

I'm planing to fish in Italy this coming July, where are the best spots
I will be cruising on my boat starting porto santo Stefano towards Sardegnia and up to san remo

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