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Shimano Tranx Review

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#1 fishordie

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 02:09 PM

G'day all,

I fished this beautiful reel on my last 8 day. Though the fish were not huge I ended up buttoning down the drags to see what it could do. 12 - 25 pound yellowtail and Tuna could not pull drag and I just beefed the buggers in. Cap't Mike even commented that was an interesting way to fish..... With no drag. When I did use the drag they were super smooth at all settings. Cranking was not really a problem though pointing the rod tip at the fish and winding the reel will not really work. At 6.6 to 1 this is one amazing reel and I will be using it again in November for Wahoo and medium grade Tuna. Again, I believe this reel can work for anything where the angler fishes 20 to 50 pound string with its biggest advantage being in casting and a level wind system that is silky smooth along with its fantastic drag system.

The Reel throws amazingly well and may be the best casting reel on the market. By tuning up the reel employing the easy to set magnets this thing is what it appears to be.... A bass reel on steroids. For those anglers who regularly throw artificials to bass you will know what I mean. Though I have never cared for cast control I have found the joys of the new and improved systems on small and now large level winds such as this Tranx. I still would stay away from cast control for those who are proficient casters on non level wind reels but I really liked it on this reel. Due to the shear size of the reel I really did not notice much the small amount of cast control I have on mine yet casting was an absolute breeze.

Mine is rigged with 50 pound Power Pro and is matched to a Shikari blank 9 foot long. Surface Iron or other light jigs are awesome on this rig. I straight tied my jigs with no problem with backlashing. Changed over to a slightly heavier tipped rod and this reel will be great for casting heavier iron or bait fishing easily for rigs to 50 Pound test.

Because of the shape of the reel and the way one uses the hands to both cast and retrieve as it cups the reel I would recommend matching the stick to a smaller diameter, lighter weight rod. The newer sticks coming out with great backbone yet smaller cross sections will be perfect for this reel.
Though I have not seen anything yet I would imagine Shimano will come out with something to match to this thing but who knows. As of now the angler still has a ton of choices on rods with more coming to market all the time.

In short, I LOVED this reel for long or short Range applications. Even the level wind was not noticed when casting where usually I hate the darned things. Retrieve is super fast, super smooth and a breeze with that same level wind once my left hand realized it did not have to guide line back onto the reel. With over 400 Yds. of 50 Pound spectra I believe there is plenty of line for the applications I have in mind for the reel in Long Range but I can also see using it in shore and in the weeds as a kelp cutting rig. Perhaps slightly too big for normal inshore work it still fishes smaller than it appears.

I never thought I would Love this reel but I do so far. This is not as "Specialty" a reel as I initially thought rather it really is a multipurpose device for all sorts of artificial casting as well as bait fishing. The only thing intimidating about the reel is the price. Ouuucccchhhhh.


#2 tuna loco

tuna loco
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Posted 17 May 2013 - 11:00 AM

Jamie. Any new updates on your Tranx report? I just got a Tranx HG. Feels great. Think I will look at the 8' Terez. Casted a 2 oz lead swimbait head out in the backyard last night. It really casts nice and far. Retrieval was so fast. Im wondering about getting a PG.


Too little TZC80MPW?
Just right? TZC80MHPW?
Too much? TZC80HPW?





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#3 fishordie

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 06:00 PM

Hi Harold,


Long Time no talk to.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  Lots of choices for the Tranx depending on your application.  I am using mine on 4 or 5 different rods depending on the application.  What weights are you planning on throwing most with that thing??? Is this mostly for casting or are you considering deeper jigging with it??  I happen to use mine for mostly top and mid water work but the Tranx can certainly be used to vertical  jig with.    What is the intended size and species you are targeting??  If it was not for the fact we use the rail out here on our conventional reel rigs I would absolutely consider testing how the Tranx balances on the Black Hole 8 Foot graphite Popping blank wrapped for a conventional but might be might be bordering on too stiff for only 2 Oz.  The Black Hole Nano might be better if 2 Oz. is the average size of lure.  I just LOVE that graphite rod for so many applications and it breaks down for travel.  The Tranx is basically a bait caster on steroids so the same concept used for setting up a bass rig, only bigger, would apply.  I really like the concept of a very light weight, small diameter but strong rod to match with the Tranx. Depending on the weight of lures I am throwing will dictate the style of blank and the taper.   I would also look into the new Phoenix lineup of high quality, light weight and thin diameter rods.  Just like with Popping, having a setup which I can cast all day as well as be able to crank on size appropriate fish without killing me is imperative.  Though I love the reel I am not so crazy about the Shimano rods to use with it regardless of what Shimano says.  It think there a better options.  Sorry for being so vague but I need to know what your intended use is.  Talk soon.



#4 JDB

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 10:19 PM

I have mine on a Untied Composites Monster Mag 9' rod custom wrapped with reel seat.  The thing is a beast and sooooo light.  It is a 1 piece rod so if you need something for travel I would recommend a different rod.

#5 tuna loco

tuna loco
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Posted 25 May 2013 - 12:03 AM


Can you link me to the 8' nano 2 piece? I searched and cold only find 7'6" rods. Sorry I didnt see your reply. I need to tweak my profile to receive email notice I guess.



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#6 aaron18

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Posted 24 April 2014 - 10:06 PM

hello everyone 

I'm new here ,

to those owners of Shimano Tranx

I,  like to know how do you open the side adjustment cover .

I've tried to open the half moon cover , all ,I , see is close on clock wise and open on anti clock wise.

I would appreciate if owners of Tranx can help me ; I'm now experiencing backlash

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