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Line on new reels

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#1 tuna loco

tuna loco
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Posted 09 June 2011 - 09:20 PM

I have a new Stella 18k and a new Stella 20k. What lines should I put on them? I am thinking about sending them to Basil to fill for me. I am also thinking about having him do a L2L and adding a WO leader. Which leader should I use?

#2 Enoch

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 12:53 AM

Hi Harold. Well, I've been using this setup. I'm 100% Basil can do this for ya with a Daho needle.

Mainline: 80#JBHC
Mainline to last 30 yards: #130JBHC

Then a seamless transition to your leader of choice. #100-#130

#3 Basil

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:13 PM

60lb on the 18K and 100 lb on the 20K. Step splice to 100lb last 50 yards on the 18K. 80lb minimum leader; prefer 100lb.

#4 fishordie

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 11:48 PM

Yo Harold,

80# Hollow, even J.B., Is almost a thing of the past. 100# hollow, at pretty much the same line diameter and less cost as 80#, on the 20K As Basil noted but consider topping it with a hollow spliced in 10 - 30 yds of 130 as the 130 is easier to put a hollow loop in assuming you are going that direction. If you are putting in a Mid, Bob Sands or PR knot then it does not matter but Hollow loops may prove out to be a better way for you to go. Of course you can always do this down the road should you decide the knot-less loop to loop and pre made wind ons is the way to go. I think I showed you in Panama the joy and ease of loop to loops especially after we hoisted a few cocktails. Personally I would never use knots any more for a Spectra to Mono or Flouro connection using 80 Pound test or more mono/flouro. Heck, I am even using loop to loop pre made wind ons for 30#. I guess the older I get the lazier I get but knowing I will have NO KNOT FAILURES in my Spectra to Mono or Flouro connection is worth the price of admission. Check out Basil's site for more info on the how-to information:


Also as Basil noted you can go with the 60 lb hollow on the 18K but I would even consider step up splicing to 130# hollow for the last 10 - 30 yds for ease of making loops and the ability to really put the wood to the fish for the end game. Too many folks have a hard time making knotless loops in 100#. Since I am not really bending the rod that much at the end on smaller boats the ability to point the rod at the fish and pull that sucker to the boat is really cool with the heavier line. The only thing to be careful of using 60# is setting the drag too tight at strike and snapping the line should you hit/strike the fish after the 130# is no longer on the reel. It does happen, at least to me, if I go too heavy on the drag. Funny, I keep hearing the 60# breaks at like 90#'s or more but I find the snap strength is no where near that. However, The great thing about putting 60# under a heavier spliced topping of hollow is you get more line capacity and generally you do not get the same snapping or start up pressure during the fight as you do at strike when you pop/close the bail. Many folks do not give the 60# hollow, under a spliced in heavier topping of hollow, the consideration it deserves. Here on the West Coast line capacity is a must for Cow sized or even 150# Tuna. Therefore we have to be a bit more creative how we load our spools.

Just something to think about. I am going to send my spools to Basil for his special version of winding on Spectra on Spinner spools as my line winder does not have the ability to put the kind of line pressure on Spinning reel spools as what Basil has. I am ordering a couple of 18K Shimano's with 20K Yumea spools as well as the 20K Studio Ocean Mark Spools ( I believe S.O.M. are the spools Kil will be carrying) and will have Basil note what kind line capacity we get on each. Additionally I will have Basil wind at least one 18K standard spool with the noted 60# and heavier hollow spliced in topping to note what kind of capacity we get on those. Since our 8 day long range generally sees Y.F. Tuna to about 110#'s the 18 K should be great but on the longer range trips I will need some major capacity as the size/weight of the fish double or even triples...... Triples???.... I should be so lucky.

I will keep you posted on the results.


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