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Black Hole Cow Special 3rd Generation

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#1 Kilsong

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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:33 PM

The Black Hole Cow Special III arrived.

The Black Hole Cow Special was originally developed as a cow rail rod after I saw heavy, broomstick like rail rod like Seeker 2X4. The weight of the 2X4 blank alone is 18 oz and I thought lighter, but stronger rail rod can be made using Nano technology.

To make same action of a rod is not difficult, but the obstacle was the rod designer of Black Hole can not understand the usage of broomstick like Seeker 2X4 and was reluctant to make such rods. For him, rods have to be bent.
Consequently, the 1st and 2nd generation didn't get any favorable review by West Coast fishermen because the rods are too soft and don't enough backbone for them.
Jamie(fishordie) landed a 150 lb yft using 1st generation of BH Cow Special and Fishybuzz landed a 200 lb cow using the 2nd generation of BH Cow Special.
Some hastily made a conclusion that BH Cow Special is a failure for a rail rod after Fishybuzz posted that he landed a cow much quicker using Seeker 2X4 than BH Cow Special.
I did not respond for the respect of fishybuzz.
But I was wondering why myself because Black Hole Cow Special II is reasonable stiff and fighting time is usually determined by how much drag you use, not by how stiff the rod is(when you push the rod with you body, stiffer rod can have an advantage though).

Konish san landed a 900 lb giant within 45 minutes and other fisherman landed a similar size of giant in 2 hour 30 minutes though they used the exact same rod and reel in P.E.I. a few weeks ago. Fishybuzz's fighting style using the rail might need a stiffer rod or tuna fought differently even sizes are similar.
The only way I can find is I test the rod using the rail myself and I am going to do it if cow show up this fall off Lower Baja, Mexico. :)

The 3rd generation blank is definitely stiffer in mid section than the 2nd generation though they are the same weight (11.3 oz).
However, it is far from stiffness of the traditional rail rod like Seeker 2X4.
Even though many long range boat fishermen love stiffer rail rods( they are talking about 3X5 because 2X4 is not stiff enough), I don't have any intention of using them and the 3rd generation is going to be the last try for the rail rod as I feel it has enough backbone even for cow and I believe rods have to be properly bent to give recoil power.

I read Mogi's group used prototype Carpenter rod for giant in P.E.I.
The rod seems too soft in the picture, but it should have enough backbone if Konish san landed a 900 lb giant with the rod within 45 minutes. The bend of the rod actually helps fishermen to fight.

Surprisingly some like the idea of using Black Hole Cow Special as cow popping rods.
I used the 1st generation Black Hole Cow Special for yellowfin popping and I loved the soft bend, but stiff enough backbone when needed.

Greg and his friend used 2nd generation Black Hole Cow Special as cow popping rods on the Royal Star tagging trip in Jan this year and they loved them too. B
I didn't expect Black Hole Cow Special for tuna popping, but it seems Bh Cow Special becomes more popular as cow popping.

I am going to test the 2nd generation and 3rd generation Black Hole Cow Special for 600 - 900 lbs giant in P.E.I in Sept before I test them for cow off Mexico.

#2 Kilsong

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Posted 30 August 2011 - 08:08 AM


This youtube gives a good idea how to fight cow using the rail rod.
You can see why they need stiff rods for railing.
Can Black Hole Cow Special II and III can do the jog for railing ?
I believe so.

Also, Capt give a very valuable info to fight big tuna like a cow.
I observed many fishermen who fish big tuna for the first time. They try as if to land them in 5 - 10 minutes. If they fail, they are no more energy left.
It is a kind of marathon game and you have to conserve your energy.
The bigger tuna are, the slower you fight.

Railing technique by David Coates who is regarded as one of the best long range fishermen out of San Diego.
As you see, he relies on cranking power of a big reel and don't rely on the rod action much. It is understandable you need stiff rods for the purpose.

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