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Black Hole Challenger going Long Range

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 01:41 PM

Good morning all,

I just received a package from Kilsong of JigNPop with a couple of more new Black Hole Challenger, once piece uber rods.  These things appear to be awesome.  I put a flex into each and found, unlike most rods out today, the noted line ratings appeared to be correct or even under rated.  On the lighter version, 761 MH (7 foot 6 inch), rated 10 - 25, I actually felt the rod could easily handle much heavier lines.  Kil notes I should be able to put 20 pounds of drag on this little rod which puts it into a whole other universe beyond 25 pound test but lets see what happens.  The second is the 731H (7 foot 3 inch) rated 20 - 60 which, again, looks like it can easily fish at perhaps 25 pounds of drag but, again, lets see what happens.  These rods look to be perfect for West Coast Long and Short range applications as they are incredibly light weight with flex patterns that appear perfect for use with the latest and greatest reels being brought to market.  These rods appear to have more backbone than anything I have played with in their class.  I am told these things are nearly indestructible so I am going to give them the What-fer... Hopefully with the fish's cooperation.  
These rods, along with a selection of my own Popping and Jigging rods from Black Hole, Along with some Phenix rods for comparison, will be accompanying me on my Gallagher/Excel 8 day leaving on the 2cd of Sept. and the Bob Sands/Shogun 8 day leaving on the 9th of October.  Folks on the trip will have a chance to sample some of these products to see what all the fuss is about.  My belief is these are going to be some serious West Coast weapons of choice as I really believe a single Challenger rod can fish across a multitude of line ratings at very high levels of efficiency.  
I will post the results in the future.  

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