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Dogtooth Jigging Rod

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#1 fishcrazy

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Posted 26 April 2015 - 08:04 AM

I am fishing in Papua New Guinea in December and I hope to encounter dogtooth tuna up to 200lbs.


I am planning to fish PE10 with a Shimano Stella 20,000 spin reel. I have fished this tackle previously for dogtooth with in excess of 40lb of drag. You need to pull hard to keep the dogtooth off the reef!!! I would be interested to hear recommendations for jig rods that will suit. I expect to be using 200gm to 300gm jigs, (mainly around 200gm). 


I like the look of the Cape Cod jig rods, in particular the Cape Cod Special 250gm and 350gm. I am wondering if these rods will handle drag pressures of 40-50lbs as they are only advertised as 20-25lbs max? Does anyone have any experience with these rods? I have seen some videos of the 450gm rod in action on big tuna but I think the black me be a bit stiff for the lighter jigs?


I want to be able to fish very heavy drag to allow me to pull the fish away from heavy structure quickly after hookup. 


Please let me know what you think!

#2 FBD

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Posted 27 April 2015 - 01:35 AM

Hi ,


Came across your post, as we are doing research into what braids anglers are using on dogtooth and GT's


Couldnt help myself but answer as the fishing you describe is what we live for 


Firstly I'm bias in terms rods ( work for fishingandboatingdeals.com ) , but if your looking for a rod for big dog tooth , we sell a lot of the Japanese Hamachi XOS GT'n'Doggie rods PE5-13 to customers in top end of OZ across to the solomon Islands and PNG needing to do exactly what you want, turn the fish before he bricks you . Hamachi have built them 5'2 and 5'6 for jigging and 7'6 for poppers on big GT's 


The XOS GT'n'Doggie are a nano composite and rated to 55lb deadlift  and the 5-13 will cover to you 400g speed jigging , send us a PM if you need anymore info on the rods or drop by www.Hamachitackle.jp 


Any questions on the fishing side fire away, on the destination, my personal experience in PNG is limited but one of our resident tackle testers spends around 3 or 4 months each year in Sollies and has done for the last 10 or 15 years

#3 Kilsong

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Posted 28 April 2015 - 06:59 PM

we know BH Cape Cod Special 450g jigging rod can take upto 65 lb drag as we used 65 lb drag for giant In PEI and didn't have any issue.

The drag rating of the 450g is for 25 lb - 30 lb.  So BH Cape Cod Special 250g /350g can take much more drag than suggested drags.

We landed 250 lb yellowfin with BH 250g rod and and landed 230 lb bluefin with prototype BH 200 rod. But we used drag upto 30 - 35 lb.

I think those 250g /350g might take 40 lb drag, but it is safe to use BH 450g rod if you want to use 40 plus lb drag.


I have a trip to Southeast Asia where dogtooth are thick in Aug or Nov this year. I am going to test ligher 250g/150g/80g Cape Cod Special rods for them. 

I landed 170 lb yellowfin tuna using BH Cape Cod Special 150g rod with 30 plus lb drag in Mexico.

#4 fishcrazy

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Posted 29 April 2015 - 06:04 AM

Hi Kilsong and FBD,


Thanks very much for your responses - FBD I have sent you a PM.


Kilsong, do you think the 450g cape cod special will still be usable with 200-250gm jigs?


Any tips on jigs types and weights for dogtooth would be useful also!!! Interested to hear what leader setups you like also.






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Posted 11 May 2015 - 12:50 PM

Hi Fishcrazy, I am also from the westcoast, I was also looking for a jigging rod that could handle 200# that I could drop down 200-250gm jigs, after doing my research and talking with kilsong we decided BH cape code special jigging rod 350g was best for my needs, After purchasing the rod I feel confident in being able to handle 200# with 20-30lb drag, But if you want 40-50lb drag you're going to need a belt & harness & I would go with BH 450g rod because of the need to quickly turn the head, You're like me looking for a all in 1 rod, L.o.l...  That's going to be hard to find, I got the BH 350g because I'm located on the WestCoast and will not catch fish regularly above 50# but I still feel I'm ready for a long range trip in search for 200#

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